Mind Game Sport Acquires Sweden's Most Exclusive Womens Soccer Agency, Five9 Sports Management

March 24, 2021

Mind Game Sport is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Sweden’s most exclusive women’s soccer agency, Five9 Sports Management. 

In 2015, we set out on a mission to help released, yet highly talented, academy players who don’t make it to the professional ranks discover alternative career pathways at American colleges and universities. 

Born out of our founder, Tony Mamodaly’s experience of finding himself at the crossroads of his career at only 20 years of age, the idea behind Mind Game Sport was simple: to provide the hundreds of academy players who are released into obscurity each year with a sustainable and long-term oriented career platform to maximize their potential – both on and off the field.

Powerful track record: Five9 Sports helped develop 11 Swedish and 2 Finnish National Team Players

With eleven Swedish and two Finnish youth national team players and many other top players across D1 power houses, Five9 Sports has established itself as the premier agency for elite female college players in Europe in the past years.  

With the unique development platform for female players in the US college landscape and the rising popularity and professionalization of women’s soccer around the globe, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to join forces. 

Five9 Sports founder Linnea Lindmark on the merger: „Our values and way of doing business align in every aspect. From how to treat our players to what colors look best on a logo. (laughs) I couldn’t be happier to join forces and take this to the next level.“

Male and Female Elite College Soccer Recruiting United Under One Roof

Moving forward Mind Game Sport will not only take over all of Five9 Sport’s future players but also actively focus on equally serving both elite female and male college bound talent. Five9 Sports will go pro and focus on the professional side of the game exclusively. 

Lindmark adds: “Working in college recruiting was the perfect way for me to relive the life-changing experiences I made as a student athlete myself over and over again while helping outstanding kids maximize their talent by combining sports and education in the US. This has equipped me with an extensive network and the toolkit required to work in the sports business industry and I feel like this is the perfect way to make the next step in my career while making sure the legacy I created is in great hands.”

Tony Mamodaly with Syracuse standout Noah Singelmann
Linnea Lindmark with FAU's Ebba Blomqvist

Mind Game Sport managing partner, Chris Hellmann, on the acquisition: „Our gratitude goes out to Linnea Lindmark, who we value tremendously not only as a professional but also as a wonderful person. During my time in the US, I was fascinated with not only the quality but also the enthusiasm around women’s soccer. Therefore this is an exciting step that makes a lot of sense for all of us.”

Mind Game Sport Founder, Tony Mamodaly, elaborates: “The idea to become more active in women’s soccer was there for a long time. But the final spark to really move forward with it flashed during the World Cup in 2019. The USWNT didn’t only win the World Cup, they also won the hearts and minds of millions of people (including mine) as champions of equality. They showed the world that sports is not only about winning but also about standing up, standing out and standing together. They showed the courage to stand up for what they believed in, prompted change and sparked a conversation about society’s shortcomings. All of that while actually winning the World Cup. That for me is true excellence. When Linnea and I talked this through neither of us had to think about it twice. The shared set of values and ideas make this a no-brainer and a win-win-win situation for all of us.“

We are excited to join forces and expand our mission to unleash our players’ athletic, academic and human potential to Sweden and women’s soccer!

Skål and welcome to the Family!



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